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An engine, a compressor, a condenser. What if you hooked them up to cool the inside of a trailer instead of the inside of a refrigerator? During the hot Minneapolis summer of 1938, FREDERICK M. JONES created that first Thermo King unit to get freshly-killed chickens to market without spoilage.

His invention worked so well that it spawned entire industries: frozen food, fast food, container shipping. Millions, who had never eaten anything grown beyond a 50-mile radius, now enjoyed the food of the world. Millions more, who had known only marginal, now ate healthy and fresh.

Frederick M. Jones is the inventor of the first reliable system for refrigerating trucks that became the springboard for launching Thermo King Corporation.

A prolific inventor throughout his life, Fred Jones' inventions included a snow sled driven by a car engine and airplane propeller, a portable x-ray machine, a condenser microphone, a sound system for early "talking" motion picture theaters, a theater ticket-dispensing machine (patented), the first reliable refrigeration system for trucks (patented), the first reliable front mounted truck refrigeration unit, a portable refrigeration unit for the US Army in World War II, atmosphere controlled boxcar for rail transport, refrigerated containers for ship-board transport, and an improved two-cycle gas engine (patented), among others.